NLP University/ Robert Dilts
Robert Dilt`s home page. Robert is one of the most respected contributors in NLP today. Robert is part of the original NLP founding group (along with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Leslie Cameron- Bandler and Judith Delozier) and continues to provide innovative, though provoking directions to the field of NLP. This site contains the full text of the Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP. You won`t find more comprehensive information on NLP anywhere.
The NLP Center of New York/Steven Leeds & Rachel Hott
Steve and Rachel are generous, dedicated and skilled NLP Practitioners and Trainers.
They have been Training and certifying NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioners for over a decade.
Highly recommended.
NLP Comprehensive
We are here to help individuals and businesses make the fullest use of their talents and resources.
We teach the thought processes and communication strategies of exceptional performers through workshops, books, and tapes.
NLP Center of Princeton, N.J.
The home of the Princeton Center for NLP, the Princeton area`s leading provider of NLP training and information.
The Hi Foundation
The Hi Foundation is an organization whose mission is to further research and development in the field of interpersonal communication and to support people around the world who are seeking such training.
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